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Digital Voice of the Customer

In a society where consumers are more invested in the products and services that they use, it’s clear that giving your customers a voice is key for surviving in fast-paced markets and keeping a competitive advantage.

​Drive customer-centricity across your organization by understanding your customers better. Capture insightful data on the digital experience to minimize issues and make improvements. Your customers are the key to your success.


We ask the right questions at the right time. With a wide range of targeting options, we can create your slide out, full page or exit surveys and target the users that are important to you. Ask questions on specific pages, based on user behavior and demographics. Drill down to the details or collect NPS and fully understand why your visitors aren’t converting.

Collect feedback

Target feedback forms to specific groups of online visitors with our event driven feedback technology. Find out what is preventing them from converting.

Build your report

We keep you updated with our fully customisable analytics reports. Easily interpret and act on customer feedback. Stop guessing, start knowing.

Improve & collaborate

We bring focus to Marketing, Sales and Service teams with insights at their fingertips using email sharing, alerts and beautifully designed role-based alerts and event triggers.


We are a boutique quantitative research analytics company, run by a small team of Marketing and Product Growth experts from various industries including FMCG, Technology, Telecommunications.Our approach to Consumer research is highly digital-first and this allows us to extend our radius in terms of reaching your target audience. We help you fully understand why your users do what they do. We also easily  help you collect and analyse user feedback from your website and mobile apps.​

We have experience not only running the research activities but most importantly, drawing actionable insights from the structured data extracted.